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We provide technical leadership and match product companies with outstanding international development teams.

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Planning to build a product?
Let us take care of the tech side.

We know from our own experience how difficult it is to start a product project from zero, to find a good development team, to choose the right technology, strategy and to finish it on time. Get consulted by experts, us. We are going to solve your problems regarding technology and development. Concentrate on business and make your product grow, we will make sure it runs.

Going to invest in a product?
Let us do the tech audit.

Let us do a technical audit aka Tech Due Diligence of the product and team you are going to invest into. We can tell you if you are going to invest in raw diamonds or in shiny fakes.

Software Architecture

Define and scale.

Dev Ressources

Start to build right away.

Interim CTO

From idea to MVP.

Tech Team Building

Hire and lead.

Quality Control

Keep an eye on code quality.

Tech Due Diligence

Check the product from the inside

What Customers Say

It's great to have trust in the development team and do not worry about the quality of the product tech.

Chris Smith

Founder, ATB

Thanks to devforce, we were able to build and launch or platform in time without any quality loss.

Terence Hielscher

CEO, MoBerries

Finding a tech team is a long and difficult story. It is awesome if you can rely on skilled partners.

Dr. Horst Müller

IT Leiter, Bayern Media

Great idea! We've never thought about outsourcing before but with the confidence gives us, it isn't risky anymore.

Erwin Prizkau

MD/CTO, Eptecon


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